We believe design methodologies are key to transforming people, processes and organizations. Inspired by nature and global challenges, we choose to use these to build a new economy through good innovation, delivering three human-centered products and toolkits which contribute a sustainable and regenerative future.

Our toolkits are designed to inspire your team to think about key issues from the global challenges, and translate theminto your value proposition, the circularity of our resources and and the externalities and positive impact on your community.




We believe humans and nature should always be at the centre of organizations, not only from a welfare point of view but as an integral part of the design process. This creates more driven and committed teams, and it allows good innovation fueled by the power of the collective. All our experiences are designed with no sectors or departments in mind, because we must all sit at the table to co-design the future.

Taking time to acknowledge the ideas and patterns that emerge from different actors at your table is the most transparent validation and alignment for a project, roadmap or future innovation. Being in the right mindset deliver intangible results which stay in a community or a company for a long time. That is why building capacity in order to introduce -and eventually embed- this systemic approach to working processes in project leaders is crucial to redefine success in a new economy.

Our team was born into a generation yearning for purpose. Not only concerning personal and existential matters, but also by incessantly questioning our purpose in business and as citizens. With systemic challenges at our doorstep, the time has come to unleash the power harnessed by business to connect people, planet and profit. To do so, a deep conversation is needed, and that is where we step in!

In this context, our purpose as a small business is to use our methodologies, inspired by nature and human-centered design, to re-think ways to deliver better value. Whether this is through purpose workshops, circular economy products or citizen engagement, our methodologies contribute to aligning personal and business values, with the end goal to build sustainable and positive impact.


At our office we bring our whole-selves to work. We demand more of our workplace when it doesn’t match our personal expectations which we might be needing to connect to. That is why we hold annual conversations and quarterly challenges to share our vulnerabilities and ambitions of how we want to grow in the workplace. This is hard work, but in the end we become a stronger and more resilient team, learning how to support our personal development and simply live a more purposeful life.



The tipping point where business became the bad guy has left our minds. We are focused on the new era of business with a new generation of CEOs and intrapreneurs who are proving that business can really contribute to our planet’s regeneration. This is why we became a Certified B Corporation in 2014 to add our name to the list of more than 3500 companies who really want to walk the talk.

Our learning journey has led us to meet hundreds of others using business as a force for good, and taking a committed role in tackling global issues our generation contributed to create. Through the ups and downs of being an impact start-up and ignoring the naive labels you’re given, we came across the power of designing for circularity. Global significance has driven this concept to the top of some government agendas, validating our belief that the future of business will be circular. If we re-learn how to think and design like living systems we will prosper for people, planet and profit.

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