There is no business to be done on a dead planet.

In a world confronted with multiple global challenges, organisations are being pressured to demonstrate how they reduce their externalities and generate value beyond profit.

The biosphere must be restored and regenerated if we want to continue operating in this world. The time has come to put the power of our governments and markets to the service of the people and the planet.

Our methodologies are based on three patterns which define the system of regenerative life: interdependence, organic governance and radical collaboration amongst the diverse actors of the system.

How do we design solutions in contexts of chaos, uncertainty, tensions and extreme complexity?

How do we defy a system of dominating beliefs which only seek to accumulate and maximize gains which are collapsing the planet?

How do we let emerge a distributed system, creative, abundant and in complete interdependence?

Design inspired by nature

It is necessary to return to feel and say: «We are biological beings, we are part of the biosphere».

It is necessary to recuperate the creative process in all its shapes and dimensions, basing ourselves in experimentation and learning with patterns to create social fields of trust which suspend the ego, fear and sustain transformation processes.

Design emerges stronger as a complement to the sciences to re-think structures, question paradigms and redefine value.

The methodology of design in service to regenerative processes

Extreme collaboration is the principal evolutionary strategy of life and the methodology of design developed creativity to levels where its never reached before. It is about giving shape and structure to processes which allow maximum flexibility, adaptability, and openness to capture the most disruptive ideas. Design Thinking is based in the logic, imagination, intuition, abstraction and systemic reasoning to explore the possibilities of what could be to create viable results.

The systemic view of design

The methodology could be defined as a system of superimposed spaces more than a sequence of organized steps, an iterative process which seems unorganized but with our Toolkits and bespoke tools it is possible to achieve focus and fluidity reducing anxiety and frustrations.

Design is changing the foundations of the traditional management questioning the way and processes in which we create and capture value. The practice of design can help citizens, professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians to co-create ideas, resolve problems and sustain the rhythm of process to design the next innovations for a new economy.

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