Balance Canvas

This tool will help you find a balance between the Desirable and the Possible to manage the gap between what the client may want as an ideal solution to their problems and what we can really offer according to our resources and knowledge.

The Balance Canvas has two major areas of reflection:

  • Left side: The Possible is the rational part, where we look at what what we can really achieve. Here we try to be realistic and unfold how we would execute this innovation process.
  • Right side: On The Desirable we reflect on the ideal product or solution to solve the problems of the client, or what they would really like. Here we do not set limits, on the left side we do.

We must also become aware of what is essential for the client and what is unattainable for us.

From then on we must think what strategies to implement so that the Desirable and the Possible come closer, raising the quality of our possible product, service or solution.

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Balance Canvas